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    6 Ways to Get Outside in Tampa Bay

    6 Ways to Get Outside in Tampa Bay

    If there’s any place in South Florida that was made to balance work and play, it’s Tampa Bay. This major city is known for its mesmerizing Gulf Coast beaches, world-class theme and entertainment parks, and of course, a good old hot climate. They say summer is the season to have the most fun, and this city lives in it all year long.

    If you’re lucky enough to have grabbed some Tampa Bay real estate, this oasis is yours to call home. Having close access to a wide range of activities and attractions is great for families and homebuyers of all ages. From dining to entertainment and true adventure, so much awaits you in the Tampa Bay area. All you need to do is decide to get out there!

    Head out for a quick weekday break

    Whether it’s Monday or Friday, everyone could use a break after a busy day of work. After all, why wait for the weekend to come when there’s fun to be had every day? With the endless list of things to do in downtown Tampa, it’s just too hard to pass up a good dinner or break in the middle of the week. After trying these options, you might just go back a second or third time for more.

    Indulge in a new cuisine

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    Photo courtesy of Jackson’s Bistro

    Wherever there’s a boardwalk, you can expect there to be lots of dining options. This city is no different, and with so many things to do in downtown Tampa, there’s never an issue when figuring out where to head for a date night or family dinner. From fine dining to farm-to-table experiences, trying something new during your work week is just as easy as staying home. The best part of the general dining scene is that you can count on seeing almost every cuisine on the list of possibilities.

    If you’re ever in a sophisticated mood and down for a cocktail with views, Jackson’s Bistro is the best (and only) waterfront venue in the area. On the other hand, if you’re in more of a free-spirited, dancing mood, you can head down to Bahama Breeze for Caribbean-inspired food and tunes. If those options aren’t enough to secure your reservation, there are millions of other cuisines ranging from Mexican to Japanese and everything in between.

    Connect with nature

    If there’s any day that calls for a bit more physical activity, it’s the average weekday. What better way to get your steps or miles in than taking advantage of the Alafia River State Park? This popular Tampa Bay real estate attraction is quite loved by homeowners nearby for obvious reasons. From mountain biking to hiking and horseback riding, you can instantly upgrade your Monday through Friday fitness routine. Connecting with nature is an easy (and free) excuse to get out of the house.

    Surround yourself with inspiration

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    Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor

    Although there are many dining and entertainment venues around the city, Tampa is also known for its unique artistic flair. Whether it be a museum or art gallery that piques your interest, it’s never a bad idea to get away from home and surround yourself with inspiration. The Tampa Museum of Art, History Center, and H.B. Plant Museum are all attractions in the Tampa Bay area that are worth visiting at least once. With so much Floridian history, international creativity, and beauty, you’ll never have a reason to feel uninspired. No matter what you find intriguing, inspiration is all around waiting to be found.

    Plan a weekend filled with adventure

    If heading out during your work week doesn’t hit the spot, you can always make weekend plans. With more free time on your hands (and hopefully great weather), the number of things to do in downtown Tampa is quite endless. There’s always a time and place for adventure, and these options will have you booking your next visit in seconds. Whether you plan to venture out solo or with your favorite companions, getting out of the house is well worth the extra energy.

    Trek off the beaten path

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    Photo Courtesy of Florida Trippers

    There are numerous activities to enjoy all over Tampa, but the hidden gems will always be worth the shine. If theme parks and crowded spaces aren’t quite your thing, then you should give these undiscovered experiences a shot. From fishing in Tampa Bay to kayaking the Hillsborough River, there’s fun to be had behind the scenes. Better yet, these activities aren’t limited and can be found all over the city, giving you a number of options to explore. Consider your weekend plans solved with the best path to lead a weekend of fun: the unknown.

    Dine on the water

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    Photo Courtesy of Visit Tampa Bay

    If you’re expecting another list of restaurants, this isn’t it. The Yacht Starship is an attraction that speaks for itself and is probably what gives Tampa Bay real estate its glorious reputation. While an adventure-filled weekend sounds fun, it’s not everyone’s forte — and that’s where this dining experience comes in! With unmatched table service, breathtaking views, and chef-prepared dishes, this weekend retreat away from home (and land) is just what you need to wind down.

    Set yourself free on a ride

    Dining and nature experiences aside, Tampa Bay is home to some of the best theme park attractions. From Busch Gardens to Adventure Island, the fun can’t stop coming. If you have a family with younger children or are just looking for some adult adventure, these popular parks are indeed a weekend winner. Getting a break away from everyday life is easier said than done, but having nearby attractions like these makes it worth every second.

    Find Tampa Bay homes for sale

    With a handy list of activities like this, getting out there on the Tampa Bay scene sounds easy, but when you’re not living there yet, it can be a challenge. You can only venture out to the city for so long, and there comes a time when you’re ready to settle in. When you’re up for the change, don’t hesitate to lean on local experts like The McIntosh Group. The right agent can help land you your dream home and lead your weeks with fun!

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