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    7 Romantic Dinner Date Spots in South Tampa

    One of the most important parts of house hunting is making sure the area you are moving to is a good fit for your lifestyle. One of the best ways to explore a city’s nightlife and dining atmosphere is to take your partner out and explore the finest date spots an area has to offer. Whatever your food preferences, South Tampa is a great place to find the most romantic restaurants to suit every lifestyle. This is the ideal place to find many unique restaurants. South Tampa’s melting pot of cultures and ideas is the perfect mix for every couple looking for a memorable date. Whether you want a traditional fine dining experience or something you won’t find anywhere else, you are sure to find the perfect match for your lifestyle. While you search for South Tampa realty, be sure to take a break and check out these seven romantic spots.

    1. 717 South

    If you are looking for award-winning American-style food, look no further than 717 South. This locally owned restaurant values quality ingredients and service and has been voted into the top lists for South Tampa restaurants. Their food is local, fresh, and sustainable. Meat staples like chicken and fish are hormone free, and their high-quality, hand-cut steaks are cooked over a wood fire. They have a massive wine list of over 300 bottles and creative mixed drinks from all over the world. The warm, rustic dining room complete with aged wood, lofted ceilings, and handpicked art deco decor, makes the perfect setting for a relaxing and romantic evening.

    2. Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

    Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

    For a unique, five-star dining experience, be sure to visit Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse. Here the meat is the most important part of the meal, and you can pick from chicken, beef, lamb, pork, and seafood, all flame roasted at your table in a practice called “Churrasco.” This practice has been perfected over centuries in southern Brazil, and the staff has been carefully trained to honor and carry on this tradition. Be sure to pair your meal with authentic sides or custom salads made at their large salad bar. At Terra Gaucha, they keep things simple and value quality, fresh ingredients. Be sure to visit Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse for a unique and unforgettable date night.

    3. Timpano

    Take a break from exploring South Tampa realty for a modern Italian date night at Timpano. This Michelin-recommended restaurant prides itself on quality food that blends classic Italian recipes with modern style. Located in Hyde Park, Timpano prides itself on its warm and welcoming atmosphere. They value their rustic dining room and elegant decor that remains a timeless and youthful landmark. Enjoy a cozy date night at a restaurant that treats you like family.

    4. Counter Culture

    Counter Culture

    For a unique, contemporary experience, be sure to visit Counter Culture. Here you will eat in classic counter-style dining that blends the dining room and the kitchen. Experience their kitchen bar dining, a traditional table, an open-air bar, patio seating, and breathtaking bay views. They appreciate modern food and one-of-a-kind cocktails. Visit for a three-course brunch, three- or five-course tasting menu, or modern dinner. They have quality pasta meals, wood-fire-cooked dishes, and vegetarian plates. Be sure to try the raw bar and experience deliciously fresh seafood. Their exciting and modern wine and cocktail list is perfect to pair with your meal. Counter Culture is a great place for a modern date night.

    5. Ciro’s

    Step back in time to an old Hollywood-style bar in the historic Bayshore Royal Building. Ciro’s drink-based menu uses traditional methods to mix their specialty cocktails from the twentieth century inspired by the prohibition era. To watch a master mixologist in action, be sure to pick a seat at the bar or choose a private booth if you want a more personal date night. Though their food options are more limited than other restaurants, they certainly do not skimp on quality. Enjoy an enchanting, historic-themed date night you will never forget.

    6. Donatello

    For those who enjoy a classic fine dining experience, be sure to visit Donatello. Here they value traditional, quality Italian food and live jazz music. While they mostly use techniques and menu items from Northern Italy, they take inspiration from all parts of the country. Not only do the staff at Donatello pride themselves on their traditional food, but they also appreciate freshness. This family-owned restaurant makes high-quality pasta fresh every day. Their specialties include Calamari Amalfitama, Capelli al Pomodoro, Medallion Napoletana, Scottadita alla Romana, classic Fiorentina, and Linguine alle Vongole. Step into Italy in their warm and inviting dining room filled with happy conversation and live music every night. Donatello is the perfect place for a lovely date at a classic fine-dining restaurant.

    7. Ocean Prime

    Ocean Prime is the perfect place for award-winning seafood, steak, and cocktails. Here they blend classic and modern dishes to create a perfect menu for all tastes. Quality ingredients are a must for all items on the menu, and Ocean Prime values gathering the most choice ingredients for all of its locations, whether you are ordering from the kitchen or bar. Hand-crafted cocktails and carefully selected wines are the perfect pair to any meal. The dining room blends modern art and colors with comfortable furniture and decor to bring you a lovely environment that will please everyone. Ocean Prime stands out among other South Tampa restaurants and is the perfect place to unwind after a long day and enjoy a date.

    Ready to make the move?

    Once you have picked your favorite date spot be sure to contact Jason McIntosh at The McIntosh Group. Here you will find experienced realtors to help you find your new home and explore South Tampa realty. Reach out today for the best help with buying or selling your home.

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