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    A Cheat Sheet for Buying and Selling Your Downtown Tampa Bay Home with Less Stress

    A Cheat Sheet for Buying and Selling Your Downtown Tampa Bay Home with Less Stress

    Whether you are buying a Downtown Tampa Bay home or have a Riverview, FL, home for sale, you hope the process will proceed as painlessly and smoothly as possible. But, as with most things in life, property transactions rarely run smoothly. Still, there are things you can do to make the process as stress-free as possible. Follow these suggestions, and you may get through dealing with property sales and purchases with as little hair-pulling as possible.

    Preparation, preparation, preparation

    Buying or selling a home can be stressful. This is even more true when buying and selling a home at the same time. Once you factor in moving, especially with children and pets, you may feel overwhelmed. But if you plan early, you can alleviate most of the pressure. The more work you put in before buying or selling your home, the less work you will have once you start your transaction. Contact your real estate agent early to give them ample time to set the wheels in motion.


    Paperwork is a big part of any property transaction. Make sure you have all your necessary documents readily available. Buy a folder and use it to house your required documents, whether they are copies of your utility bills, draft documents outlining every renovation, permits, and so on. Being prepared and organized as much as possible will help you to mitigate stress. Be prepared for the reality that buying and selling property can be a more challenging undertaking than you anticipate and can sometimes feel like a full-time job.

    Assemble a great team


    Having an expert team to help is a game-changer. Hiring a real estate agent who understands the property business in the locality where you plan to buy or sell a property can significantly reduce the pitfalls that make buying or selling a home so stressful. Pick a realtor with intimate knowledge of the area.

    An excellent realtor has the expertise to help you research your options and set the right price for your home. They can suggest improvements that increase your chances of selling your home and even create a home staging to show off the house in its best possible light. Realtors at the top of their field are proficient marketing experts and are equipped with the skills to showcase your home to the right kind of buyers. They can also help to complete any necessary paperwork.

    Make sure your agent is on your wavelength. A great agent will be honest with you and communicate promptly. They are supposed to act like your confidant. A good agent understands your limits, your needs, and future goals. They are there to help you achieve your desires and treat you as their priority. Make sure your contract with your agent is non-exclusive. Dealing with a realtor who does not understand you or your needs will only compound an already stressful situation.

    They can introduce you to other professionals you may need to get your transaction moving, including real estate lawyers, property inspectors, financial advisors, and escrow officers. Access to the right people makes it more likely that any property transactions you engage in will run as smoothly as possible.

    Prepare your home

    Prepare your home

    Note any minor fixes and upgrades that can be made to the property and potentially improve the upsell value of your home. Avoid doing any major renovations if you want to minimize your stress levels. A bathroom or kitchen remodeling may not yield a very high return on your investment when you sell your home and will add more pressure to an already stressful situation.

    Stick to simple, low-cost fixes. A new paint job, updated fixtures, lighting, and aesthetically pleasing landscaping improve your home and create a great first impression. Getting a jump start on these fixes will save headaches later and smooth things as you move to sell your house later.

    Reduce clutter before you move

    Reduce clutter

    Start to deep clean and declutter your home early. Once your home is ready for viewing, you will have one less thing to worry about getting done. There are several ways to declutter your home. Estate sales are a way to rid your home of items you no longer need. Hire professionals who can stage every room effectively with items and conduct sales for several days.

    Auction houses are another way to help declutter your home. An expert estimates the value of the items and decides whether to accept your items for consignment. You divide any profit between you and the auction house. Giving items like clothing, furniture, toys, and home items to a charity or homeless shelter is another option for decluttering your home.

    Create a plan for viewings

    Living in your home while showing it to buyers is another stressful aspect of the home-buying experience. Maintaining a clean home for potential buyers who stop by can be daunting. Make sure your agent knows what viewing times are suitable and develop a pre-showing routine you and your family can quickly implement. Create a checklist of things to do before each viewing.

    If you don’t need to be home during viewings, it’s a good idea to plan a few activities for you and your family to do during that time. Go for a walk or to dinner. Planning something fun can help ease the stress.

    Sit back and relax

    Remember, your agent is there to do the heavy lifting. With so much going on, it may be easy to forget to check in with yourself and take a step back to take a breath. If you have a good team working for you, let them do what they do best while you look forward to starting a new adventure.

    For more information about Tampa Bay real estate or to find a realtor with the expertise to make property transactions smooth sailing, contact Jason McIntosh at The McIntosh Group.

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