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    Montie Miller

    Executive Director of Relationship Development
    4890 West Kennedy Blvd Suite 100 Tampa, Tampa FL 33609
    Montie Miller

    Montie Miller is a seasoned professional with an illustrious career as the Executive Director of Relationship Development at The McIntosh Group. With an unwavering dedication to fostering connections and forging lasting relationships, Montie serves as a linchpin within the organization, both internally and externally.

    Armed with exceptional communication skills and a natural ability to connect with individuals, Montie stands as a beacon of influence, leveraging his talents to elevate The McIntosh Group's presence in the industry. His embodiment of servant leadership principles has paved the way for success through empowerment, nurturing a culture of collaboration and growth.

    As an advocate for bottom-up leadership, Montie is committed to cultivating a robust and prosperous team environment. He oversees the strategic sourcing, selection, and recruitment of top-tier talent, infusing his enthusiasm for recruitment into every facet of the process. Montie's strategic mindset shines as he masterminds talent benchmarking strategies, assessment procedures, and interview frameworks.

    Montie's pivotal role in ensuring overall office performance encompasses driving productivity to new heights, facilitating consistent growth, and cultivating a world-class office culture. His contributions extend to key aspects such as talent attraction, career development, and the seamless transition of agents into The McIntosh Group.

    One of Montie's hallmark practices involves his weekly consultations with agents, where he delves into their production goals, offering guidance, and holding them accountable for the completion of their actions. This personalized approach underscores his commitment to fostering the professional growth and success of each team member.

    In summary, Montie Miller embodies the spirit of Relationship Development at The McIntosh Group. His outstanding ability to connect, influence, and lead from within has not only propelled the organization's standing but has also helped shape a thriving, dynamic, and accomplished team.


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