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    Selling Your Waterfront Home? 12 Reasons to Choose an Agent with Luxury Homes Certification

    Are you looking for a buyer for your waterfront real estate?

    Selling a home is already a complex situation, and it becomes even trickier if you are selling luxury properties. If you want to sell your luxury home, everything from pricing to marketing the property must be optimized with the right buyer in mind. Choosing a real estate agent with luxury home certification can help you navigate the luxury home real estate market, find a buyer, and increase the chances of your waterfront property selling. With this in mind, here are further reasons why you should hire a luxury home-certified agent.

    1. In-depth knowledge of what high-end clients need
    2. Real estate agents with luxury homes certification already know what high-end clients need to buy or sell a waterfront home. Most wealthy clients want information on problems like:

      • Legacy planning
      • Insurance
      • Asset appraisal
      • Banking and lending
      • Asset preservation
      • Prenuptial agreements
      • Asset privacy
      • Taxes on real estate
      • Insurance asset privacy
      • Common property

      Luxury real estate agents already have in-depth information on all the above problems and are willing to share and provide possible solutions. For instance, if you want to protect your waterfront estate and preserve your legacy, a luxury home-certified agent will give you all the options for going about it.

    3. Specialized expertise in dealing with luxury homes
    4. An agent with luxury home certification already has the right skills, knowledge, and experience to sell a home. The luxury home agent also has an in-depth understanding of the luxury home niche and can understand the differences between selling a $3 million home and a $20 million waterfront property.

      A certified luxury home agent is also aware of all the luxury home’s features, from Gaggenau appliances to high-performance shade systems. Having a real estate agent who understands and can talk about all the intimate qualities of the home will help it sell more quickly.

    5. Access to wealthy client portfolios
    6. Selling Your Waterfront Home

      Knowing who to talk to about luxury waterfront homes is critical for selling luxury properties. Certified luxury home agents already have access to wealthy buyers and understand what they are looking for in their dream home.

      A luxury home agent can reach out to their colleagues within the area and find more potential buyers. With extensive information about buyers around your area, you will get a better deal for your home.

    7. Great marketing strategies
    8. Selling Your Waterfront Home

      Presentation is key when it comes to business in the real estate industry. A luxury home-certified agent knows what draws wealthy buyers to waterfront homes, so they will develop the right marketing strategies.

      With waterfront properties, it is not always about the home’s interior; it is about the outdoors and the views just as much. A luxury home photographer will use drones to take high-end photos and videos of the ocean views and the outdoors that still photography cannot capture.

      Luxury home-certified agents may also stage the home with indoor and outdoor furniture to give it a wow factor and allow prospective buyers to visualize themselves on the property.

      The luxury home-certified agent will know where to market, who to market the home to, and how frequently the home needs to be marketed. Instead of just listing a home and hoping it sells, they have a comprehensive marketing system to guarantee success.

    9. Provide accurate pricing of the home
    10. With years of experience selling high-end homes, a luxury home-certified agent can help you comprehend the listing price of your home just by looking at it. The agent is an expert at gauging the value of waterfront properties.

      Accurate pricing of your waterfront property will dictate whether you will sell your home and how long it will sit on the market. A luxury home certified agent will know how luxury homes are priced in the area, the available amenities, and the type of waterfront home (beachfront or lakefront). The luxury home agent won’t hesitate to tell you whether the buyer is quoting a lower price than it’s worth.

      A luxury home needs to be priced competitively from the beginning to attract buyers and to avoid the possibility of it sitting on the market for too long.

    11. Knowledge of stringent real estate laws
    12. Selling Your Waterfront Home

      Selling and buying real estate properties come with stringent laws that change from time to time and vary depending on the property’s location. Since these factors keep changing with time, sometimes keeping up with development can be challenging.

      An agent with luxury home certification is already up to date with the latest trends. The luxury home certified agent is already immersed in real estate and has a clear understanding of the laws involved in real estate transactions. All that knowledge and experience possessed by the luxury home agent will work in your favor.

    13. Access to international buyers
    14. The high-end luxury real estate buyer’s profile is different from regular real estate. In most cases, luxury home buyers are from overseas. Your luxury home-certified agent will have an easier time getting a buyer for your luxury home with access to global marketing like Sotheby’s International marketing site.
      Also, the luxury home agent will appreciate who the buyer is. A luxury home real estate agent is aware that a potential buyer is not reading about luxury homes from a real estate book at the convenience store. They also understand that many of these clients are busy and don’t have time to go around looking for homes.
      A luxury home real estate agent’s job is to make work easier for the potential buyer; this means they must be able to provide a virtual tour of the home and show a willingness to hop on an airplane to meet with potential buyers.

    15. Have an intimate understanding of the landscape
    16. Your waterfront property’s value depends on both current and future views. Is there any likelihood that the views will change in the near future because of the placement of another property?

      Waterfront property buyers don’t just want views that last for a few months or years but for as long as they own the home. A certified luxury home agent is aware of how your home’s landscape can influence the value of your home.

    17. Value client’s discretion
    18. Luxury home-certified agents value discretion and are willing to protect the identities of both the buyer and seller during a sales transaction. In most cases, luxury home buyers or sellers are celebrities, athletes, or performers who want to keep their private life hidden.

      It’s not unusual for the media to come knocking when a $30 million home sells. So, if you value your privacy and your buyer’s, consider an agent with a luxury home certification.

    19. Access to media and public relations
    20. Luxury home-certified agents spend years building relationships with people in different sectors, including the media. When selling a waterfront home, they will ensure the targeted viewers get to see the houses.

      Publicists, news editors, and journalists are the right people to give a luxury home exposure in headlines or feature columns.

    21. Determine the need for open houses
    22. Selling Your Waterfront Home

      One common question that homeowners ask is whether there is a need for an open house. The jury is still out on whether an open house can help sell a home, but for luxury homes, open houses don’t help at all. Public open houses bring people who just want to see how the wealthy live, so you’ll never know whether the people coming in are actually potential buyers.

      While open houses aren’t much help in selling luxury properties, open houses scheduled by a broker can increase the likelihood of selling a home. An open house set up by a luxury home brokerage brings certified agents with their own lists of prospective buyers that want to view possible listings. If other luxury home agents attend the showing, your waterfront property will have the highest probability of selling.

    23. Provide more perks to the home
    24. The more value a home has, the better it sells, especially since most Tampa Bay waterfront homes have similar features. A luxury home-certified agent can make a few adjustments to your home to make it more appealing and valuable to potential buyers.

      Selling a luxury home is a matter of giving and taking between a seller’s needs and wants and that of the buyer, although sometimes, it takes luck to sell a luxury property. A good luxury home-certified agent must have a solid foundational strategy to sell the home.

    Get a certified luxury home agent for your waterfront property

    Selling a luxury home is not as simple as selling a $100,000 home. However, having a real estate agent with luxury home certification will increase the chances of your house getting a worthy buyer.

    If you are looking for a certified luxury home agent for your waterfront property in Tampa Bay, Florida, contact The Mcintosh Group. We are a team of dedicated, experienced, and passionate luxury home agents who can help get a buyer for your waterfront property.

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