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The 4 Best Private Schools in Riverview


Riverview is a small unincorporated town outside of Brandon in Hillsborough County, Florida. The town sits on the banks of the Alafia River and offers scenic views and many homes and shops that take advantage of the riverfront. Although it is a small town, it offers many great amenities like a walkable town center, luxury riverfront homes, and quality private schools.

Some parents choose private schools because they believe they provide a better education than public schools. While the government mandates public schools, private schools are created and operated by private organizations. These schools frequently have more resources, such as better facilities, highly qualified teaching staff, faster-paced and more rigorous academic programs, and small class sizes, which can lead to more successful students. Additionally, private schools often have a more comprehensive range of curriculum levels, allowing for customization of the education a child receives. Here is Jason MacIntosh’s list of the best private schools in Riverview, FL.

Center Academy

Photo courtesy of Center Academy

Center Academy is an independent private school with full accreditation for students in grades 4-12 with learning differences. The school has a college preparatory curriculum that prepares students for the future. The teaching staff is experienced with learning differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, and more. The students have individual assessments that set personal goals and learning paces to ensure each student receives the help they need to achieve.

The school dates back more than 50 years and was designed to educate students falling through the cracks in traditional schools. While receiving a quality education, students are also involved in recreational activities, field trips, and volunteer service projects. Parents can trust Center Academy to provide special education through personalized and creative instruction.

St. Stephen Catholic School

St. Stephen Catholic School is a private K-8 institution that provides high-level academics emphasizing Catholic morals, beliefs, and values. The school’s mission is to promote academic and spiritual growth in all students and highlight the rich history and traditions of the Catholic faith. While it is a religious-based school, it is also a diverse and inclusive school that accepts all qualifying students and families. St. Stephen aims to prepare students for college academic programs and beyond. The school is proud to have many graduating 8th graders receive scholarships to prestigious private high schools and enter honor and advanced placement classes.

The school also has many competitive sports programs, as they participate in the Hillsborough Catholic Youth Sports League (HCYSL). Comprised of nine Catholic schools from the county, they participate in competitive games like basketball and soccer. The school promotes extracurricular clubs to help build talent and interest in creative and academic outlets. Some clubs include a student-led broadcast club, student council, writing club, and National Junior Honor Society.

Providence Christian School

Providence Christian School is a K-12 private school and ministry of the Providence Baptist Church. The school was designed to provide quality education and foster students’ spiritual, physical, and social needs. Providence Christian School is accredited with distinction by three organizations, including the National Council for Private School Accreditation and the American Association of Christian Schools. The school has an early learning center for preschool students where children can begin to participate in basic instruction that prepares them for kindergarten.

The elementary program is for K-6th grade students and covers integral subjects like reading, math, science, history, and language with an emphasis on a Biblical worldview. The middle school and high school curriculum expands and offers more rigorous courses to prepare students for college and professional careers. Providence Christian School highly values well-rounded students and cultivates creative students through art, music, and drama classes. The school has distinguished choirs, bands, and art students that perform and participate in state and national competitions. Middle and high school students can participate in the athletic program, which includes volleyball, basketball, flag football, and cheerleading.

The Riverview Montessori School

The Riverview Montessori School offers private preschool-5th grade Montessori-style education. The classes follow a proven method to create a secure and inspirational environment for all students. The school has many benefits, including:

The school thrives on the Montessori view that learning and education are for life and should allow children to develop perspective, self-confidence, and an interest in the world. The school strives to foster the highest potential in each student without blocking student skills and curiosity.

Riverview Montessori School offers programs for children starting at two and a half years old, VPK, full-time and half-day instruction, and after-school programs for elementary students. Much of the curriculum for younger children focuses on sensory learning and development and expands to real-world applications. The kindergarten and elementary students have well-rounded academic courses focused on language and literature, math, cultural studies, life sciences, art, music and movement, and computer applications.

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